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kotlownia-kontenerowa-ModeratorBoiler container - a new product in our offer.
1. Production of heat for houses, commercial buildings, hotels, holiday resorts, production halls and industrial facilities.
2. Periodic supply of heat energy during maintenance or replacement of heat networks, without disrupting the heat supply.

The boiler container burns solid fuels in the form of wood biomass.
It is made to order and delivered to the client.
In order for the container boiler to work properly, its location requires such facilities as
electricity, water, and connection to the heat network.
Currently, we offer 60 and 120 kW container boilers.

The container boiler includes:
- Automatic Biomass Burning set with spring sweepers,
- fuel container with a hydraulically lifted roof,
- electrical installation for the boiler room, and external and internal lighting of the fuel container.

Optional equipment includes:
- remote control and management system,
- fuel container loading system.