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About Us

foto-firmy-ModeratorModerator is the no. 1 producer of boilers in Poland. For 40 years, with passion and commitment we have been developing technologies for producing energy, bearing  in mind people and nature, of which we are a small part. Our company is located next to Europe's largest ancient forest complex - the Białowieża forest. Having such a neighbour is a commitment. We appreciate its natural beauty and wish it remained in its shape for future generations.
Thanks to unique design solutions our devices are able to transform, with the utmost efficiency, any type of fuel into cheap energy. The versatility of our boilers and their quality, stemming from years of experience, has been recognized by thousands of satisfied Customers in Poland and almost every country in Europe, and in some quite exotic corners of the world.
The goal, which we successfully pursue, is to maximally satisfy the needs of each of our customer. We care about the comfort and safety of the users of our products. Our conduct is guided by humanitarian principles - we help those who suffer, are vulnerable, or who simply are in need of support and aid from a fellow man. We cooperate with several non-profit organizations by providing them with our products free of charge, in order to heat the facilities where they do their charity work.

We are well aware of the importance of the warmth and comfort of home, which all of us needs
- WE can guarantee this warmth.

You are invited to journey across the land of devices, whose main purpose is to utilize energy in an environmentally friendly and effective manner.  We believe that our NEW OFFER will find your interest and meet any of your needs.