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  • kotlownia-kontenerowa2BOILER CONTAINER - a new product in our offer.
    1. Production of heat for houses, commercial buildings, hotels, holiday resorts, production halls and industrial facilities.
    2. Periodic supply of heat energy during maintenance or replacement of heat networks, without disrupting the heat supply.

  •   AUTOMATIC BIOMAS BURNING SET SMOK with 27 m3 container
  • kociol 23 lataIn September, we replaced a Moderator boiler we produced. It had been bought and installed in 1989! For 23 years the boiler was heating a house in Sokołów Podlaski, Poland. Its owner used it to burn wood, wood scraps, and coal.
    Like other satisfied customers, he returned to our company to purchase a new boiler.
    He chose a new model – the Unica Sensor.

    Thank you for your trust!


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